Bluewater Education Foundation

Bluewater Education Foundation

Bluewater Education Foundation

The Bluewater Education Foundation is an independent, arm's length Foundation that works in partnership with the Bluewater District School Board  and the community, to preserve and enhance programs like outdoor education not normally funded by the Ministry of Education.

The Foundation's directors are a diverse group of business people, entrepreneurs and skilled volunteers from all parts of Bruce and Grey counties. We understand that public education needs our help and  we have created a unique approach to providing programs outside of the Provincial ciriculum .  

The Outdoor Education Center Trust has been established by the Bluewater Education Foundation. The Foundation has placed the ownership of the Outdoor Education Center property in this trust to preserve it for the children and adults of Grey and Bruce Counties in perpetuity.

The Bluewater Education Foundation strives to leverage community resources to support, strengthen and improve education for learners of all ages in Bruce and Grey Counties.

In addition to phase one, the renewal of the Outdoor Education Center dorms, shower and washroom facilities, dining room, and kitchen facilities, the Center now has 3 classrooms and accessible washrooms in the Bruce Power Environmental Learning Centre and the ES Fox Observatory. We are now  focusing on the endowment funds to sustain this valuable resource and the renewal of the outdoor camping facilities on Spry Lake.


Why is Outdoor Education Important?

We live in a world of uncertainty and change. It is estimated that a student of today will have, on average, four career changes; most will experience some period of unemployment and about 30% of the jobs that will be available to students have yet to be invented. There exists today a world of turmoil and environmental crisis, rapid social change and sweeping economic reform. Preparing our students for the challenges of the future may be less about competitive and conflict skills and more about creative problem solving and collaboration skills.

However, the skills of problem resolution, consensus creation, initiative, self esteem, personal motivation, sensible risk taking, environmental stewardship and responsible community participation are nebulous qualities difficult to teach to students in the conventional classrooms.

The Outdoor Education Center is making an important contribution to studentsí lives by helping to prepare them for the challenges and changes that may be in store.




Barn - Late August

Eco-Adventurer Day Camp
Monday, July 15, 2019
Two weeks in July 15 - 19, 22-26 at the Outdoor Education Centre. Ages 8 - 12 years old.


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