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Projects and Challenges

Our first project, entitled “Inspired by Nature”, had as its goal the replacement of severely outdated dormitories and kitchen/dining hall at the OEC located near Oliphant, Ontario. To date, with the support from generous donors in Grey/Bruce and beyond, we have successfully completed the building of new dormitories, kitchen/dining hall, the Bruce Power classroom complex, and renewing the historic barn at the OEC. In partnership with the Bluewater Astronomical Society the ES Fox Observatory opened in 2011 providing a roll off roof facility to allow full visual access to our sky.

Currently, our challenge is to raise funds to sustain the Center for the students of Grey/Bruce counties. We hope to accomplish this goal by establishing a substantial endowment fund. The endowment fund will generate monies that will be used to maintain this invaluable resource for generations to come.

The Spry Lake outdoor camping area is currently being renovated to provide group camping facilities.

Summary of current challenges:

  • Establish an endowment fund in order to sustain the OEC
  • To refurbish the outdoor camping area at Spry Lake
  • Continue to upgrade the older buildings on the site: the barn and house





Bruce Power Classrooms In Winter

2018 Annual Fall Fling Fundraiser
Mark your calendar for The Bluewater Education Foundation annual Fall Fling on Saturday October 13, 2018.Join us at Lakeshore Recreation Center in Port Elgin for wine tasting, a silent auction, dinner and comedian Simon Rakoff. Call 519-832-2490 for information or tickets.
Monday, July 16, 2018


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